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October 16, 2017 - Final Nominations list for the OHA Mystery Futurity and Derby. The berth naming deadline was October 13, 2017 at Noon. Every eligible berth was named except for one in each race!  ↪ CLICK HERE for Nomination List 


October 10, 2017 - The next OQHRA board meeting will be Tuesday October 17 at noon at Heritage Place.  If you are not an elected director and you plan to attend please let us know so we can order enough lunch.  Lunch will be ready at 11:30 and we will try to start promptly at NOON.   

The agenda will include:  

Legislative update - set date for annual legislative dinner tentative February 20

Approve Minutes from August meeting

Accept Financial reports 

PAC funding recommendations for new legislators

Report from Accountant for Election & approval of Election Ballot

Set date for annual meeting and Awards Banquet - tentative February 24 2018

Approve OQHA-OQHRA agreement for election of AQHA National Directors

Update status of WRD meet - purse tracking and OKB status report

Status report on 2018 Horsemen's agreements - all three signed for 2018

Final Review and approval of 2018 Stakes Listings - 3 potential modifications will be discussed

Formal approval of 2018 Tribal Purse Fund Directive

Update on status of OKB funding issues

Update on status of OQHRA vs OHRC/TRAO lawsuit

Update on status of pending medication violation adjudications

Update from Krissy on status of original nominations for 2018 races

Other business


August 3, 2017The Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission has published revised threshold levels for Therapeutic Medications which will take effect in Oklahoma effective August 15, 2017.& The OHRC adopted the revisions so that Oklahoma levels will be largely consistent with the current ARCI Uniform Medication Guidelines already adopted by many other racing jurisdictions. There are both new medications listed that have not been on the Oklahoma Therapeutic schedule prior to the effective date, and many of the previously established levels have been significantly reduced as of the August 15th implementation date.  Attached is a chart with all of the medications listed on the revised Directive, and the information provided shows what the level is currently and what it has been changed to effective August 15th.  If you want to see the full text of the OHRC Directive you can find it on their website at www.ohrc.org or view PDF ↪HERE.  This is very important information for horsemen that are racing in Oklahoma.


July 26, 2017 - July Race Nominations for Black Gold Futurity. The Black Gold Futurity offered a late nomination for July 15th. We had two horse nominated at that time. To view the final eligibility list  ↪ CLICK HERE for Nomination List 


October 2017 Black Gold Ad ↪ CLICK HERE


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2017 OQHRA Membership Directory ↪ CLICK HERE