Oklahoma Bred Program

Q. What is the requirement for Embryo Transfers to be accredited OKB?
A. All of the following criteria must be met: The donor mare must domicile in Oklahoma, the recipient mare must foal in Oklahoma, there must be at least one foal sired by an accredited Oklahoma Stallion in every other foal crop produced from the donor mare; and there is no restrictions on the number of embryo transfer foals that may be accredited from a single donor mare each year. You do NOT have to notify the OHRC if you are doing embryo transfers prior to registering the foals.

Q. Can I breed my mare to an out of state stallion the first year she is in the program, or can I put a new mare in the program new mare in the program that is already in foal to an out of state stallion and accredit the resulting foal?
A. Yes, but if you start with an out of state stallion, the next foal registered must be by an Oklahoma accredited stallion to maintain eligibility to produce Oklahoma Bred foals (In the case of multiple embryo producers, at least one foal from the next breeding year must be sired by an Oklahoma accredited stallion and if that requirement is met, all remaining foals from that breeding year are eligible regardless of where their sire was located.)

Q. Can I breed my mare to an Oklahoma stallion and take her home, or to another state until she is due to foal?
A. NO. The broodmare is required to domicile permanently in Oklahoma. She is permitted to travel out of state only for performance (racing), medical treatment, or to be bred to an out of state stallion. If bred to an out of state stallion, a QH, Paint or Appaloosa mare must resume her domicile in Oklahoma prior to August 15 or the foal from that breeding will not be eligible for accreditation.

Q. If I have a mare, currently domiciled in another state, what do I have to do to make her foals eligible to be Oklahoma Bred Accredited?
A. The mare must be moved to Oklahoma and enrolled in the Oklahoma program. If she is in foal to an out of state stallion and you put her in the program before she delivers the foal she is carrying, the foal can be accredited regardless of where the stallion stood at the time of conception as long as the mare is enrolled in the program before the foal is born and the foal is born in Oklahoma.

Q. Can any foal born in Oklahoma be accredited?
A. No, the broodmare must be enrolled in the program before the foal is born. There is an exception to this rule that allows a broodmare that was accredited as racing stock but not enrolled as an accredited broodmare be enrolled after delivering a foal for an additional fee.

Q. If mare leaves the state for breeding or foaling and then returns to OK, are they still eligible to produce accredited foals?
A. Only if you notify the OHRC and pay the fee to re-enroll them in the program when they resume their domicile in Oklahoma.

Q. Can a horse be accredited both as a Paint and Quarter Horse?
A. Yes if it is registered as both and the fees are paid for both breeds.

Q. How can I get my horse registered Oklahoma Bred?
A. Download the applicable form (Stallion, Broodmare, Racing Stock), complete and mail the form, the registration fee and a copy of your horses papers to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission. Original papers must accompany Racing Stock applications or the file will be marked pending until they are received.

Q. When will I receive my Oklahoma Bred Money?
A. All Oklahoma Bred money is paid out by the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission. If you would like to check the status of your Ok-Bred check you can call the OHRC at (405) 943-6472

Q. Do I send my original papers in with my Oklahoma Bred Application?
A. The original copy of your horse’s papers will have to be stamped by the OHRC for a racing stock application. If you don’t have the originals at the time of application a copy will be acceptable and you can send original papers in to be stamped at a later date. (*note- the original papers must be stamped for a horse to enter a Ok-Bred race or to receive Oklahoma Bred Money)