Racing Questions

Q. I missed a futurity or derby payment; can I make a late payment?
A. Most of the OQHRA races will allow you to double the missed payment and make the next payment on or before the due date of the next payment! Be sure to check the conditions of the race you are in.

Q. When will the futurity and derby nomination forms be available?
A. Generally, we will have nomination forms ready in August for the following years races. Most of the futurity payments will start in October.

Q. When will you post the nomination lists for the OQHRA races?
A. The nomination lists will be available within 16 days after the payment is due.

Q. How do I get an Oklahoma Racing License?
A. You will need to contact the OHRC at (405) 943-6472 or visit their website at

Q. Why has my horse not drawn into a race?
A. All the tracks use a preference date system, which gives preference to horses with papers in the office at the very start of the meet. Even with a 0 date at the start of the meet some race conditions have way more entries than the 10 horses that can run in each race so your horse may have been excluded at the draw. If your horse is a maiden entering a straight maiden 2 or 3 year old race, it will get a special "star" date every time it is entered and excluded and those "stars" will give it a better preference the next time it is entered. You can tell how many times a horse that has been entered but has not yet drawn in a race by the number of "stars" in it's preference date.

Q. Where does purse money come from?
A. Purse money in overnight races comes from two basic sources - a percentage of the money specifically earmarked for purses on wagers placed on the live races for that breed from both on track and off track, and a percentage of the gaming money earmarked in the law for purses for that breed at a track that has gaming machines. Additionally, both Will Rogers Downs and Fair Meadows receive supplements to their purses as directed by OQHRA from the Tulsa Area Tribal Purse Fund. Purse money added to stakes races comes both from horsemen's money generated from the funds described above, and in some cases may also come from sponsorship money added for a particular race.