Horseman's Benevolent Program


The OQHRA administers a benevolence program which provides financial assistance for Quarter Horse, Paint, or Appaloosa racing participants that race horses in Oklahomaand that hold a valid OHRC license. The fund comes from money contributed by owners from purse money they earn (.5% of each owner’s purse at Oklahoma tracks) and from .5% of the horsemen’s purse money generated by the gaming machines at the racetracks).

Participants that have not opted out of representation by the OQHRA may apply for assistance. The fund is not insurance, and assistance is based on availability of funds and certain guidelines that the horsemen’s organization establishes with the approval of the racing commission.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Must be licensed by OHRC for participation in the actual racing activities on the backside of an OK racetrack (example: Trainer, owner-trainer, owner, rider, exercise rider, groom, jockey agent, and non-permanent track employees such as paddock judge, entry clerks, gate crew, etc. that are not provided insurance benefits from the racetrack. Only dependents in the immediate family of an eligible beneficiary are eligible for consideration of benefits. All eligible beneficiaries MUST have participated in a live race meet during the current or immediate past year if unable to participate in current year. Exceptions may be considered and approved by the OQHRA board of directors. Horsemen opting out of OQHRA participation are not eligible for benefits.

NOTE: Preference will be given for those in need who cannot pay for them or would otherwise go without a necessary service. This service is not health insurance!! This program is a tool to help the horsemen's representative and the chaplain assist those who are in need. Please help us avoid abuse of this system so that funds will be available for those who need the help!

    1.    Except in emergency situations, the total payment on all Applications for Aid shall not exceed the applicant’s annual individual limits set forth below.
    2.    The OQHRA may increase these limits in emergency situations.
    3. These limits are subject to review by the Horsemen’s Benevolence Committee at least semi-annually.
    4. Applications for Aid not fully funded during a calendar year may be resubmitted between November 1st and December 15th, of the current year, for reconsideration based on the funds available.
    Individual Maximum - $2,000.00
    Family Maximum - $3,000.00


    1.    Each Application for Aid for $500.00 or less: FULL AMOUNT
    2.    Each Application for Aid for more than $500.00: FIRST $500.00 plus 25% of Remainder (rounded to nearest dollar) up to the maximum annual limit. 3. Each Application for Aid for Eye Glasses: $500 Maximum 4. Each Application for Dental: NOT TO EXCEED $1,000.00    Eyeglasses and Dental do apply to individual and family maximums.

    Application Form —  Click Here...

Oklahoma Disaster Relief

April 28, 2014 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HRTV & OQHRA Revised Press Release

Fundraising efforts by the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association and the Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma for equine related losses from the tornado are still underway. We want to thank our horse family from one coast to the other for the generous donations that are coming this way.

Unfortunately few of the horse people will be eligible for State or Federal Agriculture disaster funding available to many of the rural livestock owners to assist with debris removal, barn and fence repair or replacement as horses are not classified as production agriculture.

“Our fundraising will be targeted to help all horse owners, not just those in the racing industry although we will take care of our racing people too,” said Debbie Schauf, Executive Director of the OQHRA. OQHRA and TRAO with the assistance of the Racetrack Chaplaincy Equine Disaster Response pastors are now working to identify those individuals who were impacted from the Oklahoma tornado.

If you know someone that needs assistance or if you were impacted by the storm and will let us help you with funding to replace your equipment, fences, barns, etc. we urge you to apply for assistance (CLICK HERE for Application!). Our benevolence committee will review information and document the losses and then make recommendations for payments.

If you would like to contribute to our efforts to help these victims rebuild their lives, you can donate in a variety of ways:
Mail a check to OQHRA Benevolence c/o OQHRA P.O. Box 2907, Edmond, OK 73083 and mark it for Tornado relief.

Call 405-216-0440 to make a donation with your credit or debit card.

Donations can also be made via - - CLICK HERE TO DONATE VIA PAYPAL!