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Request for your Help - Lets Avoid EHV1 in Oklahoma

I desperately hope by now all of you have heard and are beginning to understand how devastating to Oklahoma's horse industry it will be if we end up with an Equine Herpes Virus outbreak like is underway in New Mexico.

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USDA Equine Herpevirus Brochure

A Guide To Understanding the Neurologic Form of EHV Infection

What is EMH

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Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame Ceremony

Oklahoma City, OK-January 30, 2016-The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association held their annual hall of fame ceremony in Oklahoma City Friday night.

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Record Stakes Schedule Set For 2016 Remington Park Quarter Horse Season

Oklahoma City, OK— For Immediate Release, Tuesday, January 5, 2016 — The 2016 American Quarter Horse and Mixed-breed Season

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